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Meet the team!


We're here to provide guidance and encouragement, to help and motivate you on your journey towards living a life with more freedom than you think might be possible right now.

Feel motivated, healthier & resilient... 

Melanie Pym
Mel wakes up every morning full of energy, plans and motivation to help everyone who wants to improve their life by getting their weight and health under control. For Mel, her life is about those she can inspire and assist on their journey to better things.

It's 24/7, 365 for Mel. It's a passion and lifestyle she loves. It's about education, support, compassion and realistic, achievable motivation; things that often fall by the wayside with other weight management systems.

Because Choose to Lose is her life direction just now, there is little time for hobbies and interests, but there is always time for socialising and enjoying independent cafes, bars and restaurants all over the country!
Glen David-Moore
Maltby, Retford, Harworth, Bircotes
Glen loves being a mentor and the flexibility of the Choose to Lose plan. He feels the choose to Lose way of living (yes, not just eating and drinking!) allows him to be true to himself. 

His mission every meeting is to help everyone feel as good as he does. He says the variety of members who attend the meetings, all ages, all backgrounds, create a wonderful cocktail of life.

At home, Glen takes pride in his formal garden which he's been told wouldn't look amiss in a stately home!
Julie Baines
Worksop, Carlton in Lindrick
Julie is a proud busy Nan of 7 grandchildren. In much the same way that Julie is devoted to her grandchildren's well-being and development, she is also devoted to supporting Choose to Lose members on their weight loss journey. 

Julie says '...genuine support and guidance form experienced mentors is the key to long-term success. What's different about Choose to Lose is the unrivalled support we give our members, I really can't imagine doing anything else!'
Diane Longden
Clowne, Staveley, Anston
Diane is grateful for all the things she has gained by being a Choose to Lose Mentor. having a busy social life is everything for Diane, and this is where the Choose to lose method gives her so much freedom.

She says that being mindful about food and drink has naturally made her mindful about many more things in life. Diane believes it's this that gives her the passion to help members achieve the success they desire. she says '..their success is my success'.

Diane loves caravanning with her family and exploring the great outdoors.
Siobhan Linley-Jones
Siobhan says one of the most important things she has ever achieved  is a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. She knows how life-changing it can be and wants to share her success by helping her members to feel as good as she does.

As far as Siobhan is concerned it's not just about wearing nice clothes, it's about having energy to enjoy family life too. Her family is wide-spread throughout the UK which gives her the best excuse ever to travel and go for walks with her nearest and dearest.

On her own, walking is Siobhan's 'me-time'. She says 'Walking and talking is great therapy for the body, mid and soul (Just don't ask to look at my collection of high heels)'
Julie Cooper
Brinsworth, Whiston
Julie believes a members first meeting is one of the most important. She wants members to feel like she did when she joined, that she was part of a family., that she wasn't on her own and there was genuine support if she needed it.

Julie recognises that it simetimes takes a lot of curage for member to make the first step to come to a meeting, which is why she makes the most of the face-to-face conatct meetings and helps teh whole group in supporting each other too.

In her non-working time, Julie burns off vast amounts of personal energy by cycling and going to Zumba classes. she says it's great for de-stressing 'i'd drive people mad if I didn't get on my bike!'
Elaine Buttle
Cover Mentor
Elaine is your wonderful 'step-in' Mentor for when your regular Mentor tears herself/ himself away from your group to go on holiday. (Literally, we've got all bases covered).

Elaine was blown away by the support she was given during her own weight-loss journey. This is why she has become a highly valued member of our team with a passion to pass on that same level of support to others, she wants everyone to feel as good as she did then, and as confident as she feels now

Elaine loves experimenting with food, so watch out for her post in the CTL Facebook group!.
Mandy Thorneycroft
Mandy loves nothing more than a good chat, other than helping her group members through the highs and lows of their weight loss journey. Mandy is an experienced Mentor, easy to talk to with a sympathetic and practical approach when helping members through some of the tough times they encounter along the way. She feels it's really important that members have confidence in their Mentor, that their Mentor truly understands what they are going through. 

When Mandy is with her family, she loves open skies and fresh air, especially walking all over and exploring the history of her childhood home Scarborough. she is also a big believer is the personal touch by baking and creating handmade gifts. Mandy has a little chink in her armour though, her friends say you can find her wrapped up in beach towels in the summer sun while on holiday, so if you ever see her turning blue in her group, be a friend and let her sit by a radiator.
Lisa McDermott
Immingham, Scunthorpe, Louth
Lisa has lost 17 lbs following her Choose to Lose plan. she is an experienced weight loss Mentor and loves the flexibility that the plan offers.
When you attend one of Lisa's meetings, you will be greeted with a warm welcome. She understands how difficult taking the first step to join is, and will put you at ease very quickly. Lisa knows that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight and wants to give them all the support they need to achieve success.

Lisa enjoys flicking through cookbooks and finding new ideas to make meal time exciting, tasty and enjoyable. Everything fits into the Choose to Lose plan.

Listening to music, going away for weekends with her husband and enjoying a glass of prosecco or two are just a few things Lisa loves to do.

Bev Kennet
Cover Mentor
Jackie Carlton
Cover Mentor
New Mentor
New Mentor
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