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Choose to Lose

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Breath a sigh of relief.  Finally, you have found Choose to Lose who can really help to put you in control of your weight. 

No gimmicks, products or recipe books!

Just proven methods and qualified, experienced group mentors who will help you along a realistic path to help you achieve your weight-control goals. 

(And hopefully, 'goals' is the only jargon you'll hear us use!)

Breaking News!

We have wonderful news to share!

The success of our Members together with the dedication, compassion and support from our Mentors, has helped Choose To Lose to win TWO regional Business Awards!

This would not have happened without you.  The Choose To Lose Family have been recognised for our achievements - and this includes all our MEMBERS!

Here is Choose to Lose Founder Mel Pym accepting an award

on behalf of the Choose To Lose Family...

Our amazing achievers!

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Gold Awards

Gold Members are those who have reached their weight loss goals.

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Lynn - in her 60's

Lyn had heard about a new weight loss organisation and wanted to try something new.  She came along to Choose to Lose to see what it was all about.  Lynn is a GOLD member because she has reached her weight goal - she is 30 pounds lighter and she said she found it very easy.

She loves the fact that there are

:: NO banned foods :: NO gimmicks :: NO extra costs :: NO products :: NO special foods :: NO gadgets :: NO books :: NO magazines ::

Lynn says there are no gimmicks, all you do is count calories and you quickly see success. The support and guidance from her mentor and other members in the group makes the plan very easy to follow.  Lynn also loved the app we use, she says it's very easy and simple to use to keep track of what and how much she eats and drinks. 

She says there are some great recipes in the app and it also has a great eating out section.

Lynn has increased her activity since her weight loss, and feels much better mentally.   She has started a weekly exercise class over zoom with her friend and has a renewed love of going for a walk now she has more energy.

Lynn's advice to anyone thinking about giving Choose to Lose a go, is:

Do it for you, give it a go, it’s fun, enjoyable and you’ll get so much motivation and support from your mentor and weekly group meetings.

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How Choose to Lose helps you Win

Only 25 per group

When we say we provide 'individual support', this can only happen with restricted numbers per group session and for every Choose to Lose Mentor.

You can contact your Group Mentor between weekly meetings.

Daily Motivation

Once you become a member of the Choose to Lose Community, you will have access to private Facebook Groups where our mentors, achievers, and those who are 'on the way' contribute with their experience, discoveries and little gems of wisdom.  (Sometimes they're not so little!)

Step by Step

We know that making even small changes, every day, isn't easy.  Our Founder and all our Mentors have been on similar journeys to you.  It's our mission to help you, step by step, (sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways - c'mon, let's be real!) to move forward and feel as great as we do.

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Join Choose to Lose NOW to WIN!

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