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Our Story...


Choose to Lose Founder Mel Pym became disenchanted with the direction that the weight loss industry was taking. Decisions by accountants running major weight loss organisations were only looking at profit , and didn't take peoples' lives into account. This put Mel in a really uncomfortable position, she was pressurised to meet financial targets which meant there was less time to support, motivate and inspire all those who had embarked on their weight loss journey. Her work had lost its meaning, the organisation wasn't putting people first so she decided to move away from the 'big guns'.


Having had a break from the industry and a couple years in the field of cosmetics and health, Mel was missing the fire in her belly that made her leap out of bed every morning. She had to get that spark back in her life. There was no other solution - it was time to 'do it her way'.

So Mel launched Choose to lose in 2021 in the North Notts region. Very quickly, Mel's new weight control plan and mentoring support was quickly over-subscribed. Within the first few months, over 400 members eagerly subscribed to Choose to Lose and the success stories just keep coming in.


Mel has very carefully selected an elite Team of Choose to Lose group leaders so that more people have the chance to improve their lives under the guidance of experienced and qualified mentors.

And here's the difference with Choose to Lose, Mel has made a personal commitment to her team and all those people who Choose to Lose, that her ethics and values will never be compromised by profit. It's all about people, their dreams and their needs, it's about facing challenges, finding strength and achieving goals. As far as Mel is concerned that's how it always was , and how it always will be.

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